Choosing an electric beard trimmer

When choosing an electric beard trimmer, you will want to choose the best one. But how do you tell what that is? There are many factors that go into making a decision, from battery life to range of length settings and ease of cleaning. Here are 8 reasons why the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 is the best.

1. Cutting Element What makes the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 the best? One important factor is the stainless steel blades that have been double sharpened, helping to prevent skin irritation as well as giving a faster trim. This beard trimmer has 20 integrated settings, ranging from 0.5 mm to 10 mm, and a 0.5 mm precision. More precision means more styles you can trim your beard in, and this beard trimmer has a good range of lengths. Read up on the trimmer at

2. Vacuum This beard trimmer has a vacuum that catches up to 90% of hair trimmings, leaving you with less mess to clean up. No one likes cleaning up beard hair that has been left in the sink, so the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 may be a good choice for you because of this.

3. Lift and Trim Technology You can get a more efficient cut with this beard trimmer because it lifts and guides hairs with a rounded contour comb, giving you an even trim that is gentler on your skin. You can say goodbye to razor burn and other skin discomforts if you use this trimmer.

4. Accessories The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 comes with a precision trimmer as well, with both a 3 mm and a 5 mm precision comb. It also comes with a cleaning brush to help you clean out the trimmer.

5. Easy Use Features The length settings on this beard trimmer are easy to adjust, because it comes with a zoom wheel that you turn to adjust the length. The attachments are rinseable, making cleaning easier, and there is a convenient battery indicator display that will tell you if the battery is empty, full, or charging. The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 can be used either with a cord or cordless, which makes for maximum convenience.

6. Battery The advanced lithium-ion battery in this beard trimmer will give you maximum power and 80 minutes of cordless use after only one hour of charging. You can even use it while it is in the process of charging.

7. Cleaning To clean the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200, rinse the blades and comb, empty the hair chamber, and use the cleaning brush to brush away loose hairs. The blades on this beard trimmer do not need to be oiled.

8. Warranty This Philips Norelco trimmer comes with a built in 2 year warranty, but another 3 years can be added by registering the trimmer on the website. This gives you a free 5 year warranty for minimal effort, and the trimmer is also built to last.

These cutting-edge features just might make the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 the best. Try it for yourself and see if you agree.

Tips on commercial roofing

A commercial roof is a vital part of every company or any commercial structures. It protects the structures aesthetics as well as outdoor elements. However, getting on a commercial roof project done is not a simple thing. It is not because the roof project is hefty but since it can cause serious damage if done wrongly. To ensure you are on the right track as you install a commercial roof, here are some tips to help you ensure a commercial roof is done properly by a reliable contractor like

Examine the Roof Carefully

The first thing you need to do is to inspect the roof region carefully. Careful inspection will help you understand the roof well and know the best approach to take. You must be careful not to skip a step. In case, you skip a single step, you are going to be at risk of complications. Besides, if you skip a step, you may miss some tell-tale signs that show some underlying problems like a leak.

Get the best material

The only secret you must have in mind before you shop for the commercial roof is that commercial roof must be hard and tough. There are so many types of rooftops in the market today, so do not make the mistake of getting the wrong material. In addition, as you select the roof, do not concentrate more on the attractiveness, relative strengths are the key. To ensure you do not make mistake, consult a professional with experience in commercial roofing.


Weather is among the most critical factors of getting a commercial roof done. You do not want a gush of rain to come down into your firm and cause issues since the project is, are halfway done. Therefore, ensure you plan the roofing project in a friendly weather that allows you to spend all the time without rushing. Doing things in hurry may bring up some troubles.

Check the material Ratings

Not all the roofing materials in the market today are same, so, ensure you get materials with the highest grade. It is critical to concentrate on the quality ratings used to categorize them. The most critical rating is Wind resistance rating particularly if your area is prone to severe weather conditions such as tornadoes and hurricanes. In addition, you need to check on the warranties range. For example, the best warranties range between 60 and 130 miles per hour.

Regular Inspections

If you want a long-lasting roof, you need to take care of it. You need to check on the project daily to ensure everything is running well. Daily inspection will help you identify signs that may cost high amount if ignored. Check for the holes, tears, cracks, and missing materials. Do not ignore a single sign as it may develop in future and cost you more than you expect.

In conclusion, a commercial roofing is crucial and ought to be done well. Therefore, requires you to ready before you embark on it. Besides, take precautions and involve experienced professionals. Above all, keep an eye on the project.

The costs of window replacement

The cost of window replacement may vary, depending on the style, function, and material. Besides, there are different reasons why homeowners decide to replace their current windows. They might want to change the style, as they need to have more modern windows’ style, or they are urged to replace them, for the sake of total home repair.

It is very fortunate to find many websites which offer affordable window replacement CA and provide online calculators for users, before they decide to replace their windows. Most of those online calculators provide columns, where users can fill the ZIP code, the numbers of the required replacement windows, brands, shape, and types of windows-single or double panned. By using those calculators, users can estimate the replacement expense

Anyway, how much does window replacements usually cost? Of course, there is no exact cost, as it depends on several reasons.

Though the cost may be different from one state to another, it is easy to conclude that homeowners need to prepare, at least, $500 for the simplest replacement. It means, homeowners decide to replace the windows because they need to change their interior performance. However, the shape of the windows can bring significant impact to the house’s energy efficient factor.

As a matter of fact, energy-efficient windows are considered as high priority, as they bring significant impact, not only to the interior performance, but also the electricity consumption. Still, it requires experts to deal with energy-efficient windows installation. For example, bigger windows allow the natural light to enter the house, though it should be equipped with deflective glass to keep the heat away from entering the house. The cost of energy-efficient windows can reach up to $900, though it is the best investment for homeowners, as they can reduce the use of heater or air conditioner significantly. Of course, homeowners need to ensure that they opt for popular brands, which lifetime warranty.


The cost of windows also depends on the materials. Aluminum is the most durable, yet with the least maintenance cost. But, some homeowners, who demands the classic, aesthetic look, prefer wood windows, regardless of its higher price and high level of maintenance. For busy homeowners who demand versatility, low maintenance cost and effort, vinyl is their main choice. Regardless of its low cost, it adds the value of the house, thanks to its durability and less maintenance effort.

Labor cost

The cost of labor reaches $30 to $50 per hour. It applies to almost all states in the US and Canada. The cost can be lower in developed countries. But, most windows contractors include the installation cost with the packages that they offer.

It is important to keep in mind that windows replacement can be very crucial, though it can be a waste of time and money. Homeowners need to ensure that they get free consultation from several contractors, in order to install the most suitable windows that fit with their house’s condition. Windows replacement is strongly necessary when the house needs a thorough renovation. Still, windows replacement is required, particularly when a house needs to apply energy-efficient system.

The importance of a Social Security Card

Owning a Social Security Card is very important if one wants to live in New York without any hassle. Not only does one require a card for employment, you also require it for opening a bank account and collecting social security benefits. But you need to understand that in most cases you are only required to provide your Social Security Card Number and not the actual card.

There are many reasons that you might need to replace your Social Security Card. Some of these reasons may include a stolen or lost card, changes to your legal name or any other kind of updates that need to be made to your card information. But under any circumstances the replacement of your card can be done for free. But you are only allowed to replace your card 10 times during your whole lifetime and only thrice during a single year. If you require a new Social Security Card because of some other reasons like changes in your immigration status and legal name, then those replacements would not affect this limit.

There are a few steps that you need to follow to replace your Social Security Card in New York –

First you need to complete and submit your SS-5 Application. This can be done online and is a very easy process, asking only some basic questions. Once you have filled your form, print it out. Forms are also available at the Social Security Administration office. You can also fill one there, if for some reason you cannot access the one online or print the form.

Then you have to submit originals or certified copies of various required documents. The documents required vary from person to person. You would require documents proving your identity and your US citizenship or your legal immigration. US birth certificate, US Passport, US Driver’s License, etc. can be used for these purposes. You will be asked for further documentation, if you are unable to provide these documents in 10 days. Even though Social Security can use the same documents for the verification of both these things, you are still required to send two separate documents for them. If you are applying on behalf of someone else, you would also require proof to establish your connection to that said person. All of your documents will be returned to you once your process has been completed.

After you have completed the SS-5 Application form and gathered all the documents that are required, you can either submit your application and documents to the local Social Security Administration Office by either mail or in person.

It usually takes 10 to 14 days to receive your new Security Card and sometimes even longer. Even though you will be issued a new card, your Social Security Number would reflect your old one.

There are also many service providers who are willing to fill in the form for you, for a fee.

You can call your local Social Security Administration Office for further questions and inquiries in case of any confusion at any time.

Why you should only work with proven SEO experts

In the modern highly competitive online market, it is vital for every business to use the right SEO techniques in order to succeed. To ensure that you attain the desired goals in your SEO initiatives, you need to work with professionals. Since not all SEO experts can offer you the best results, it is advisable you check that you only work with those who are proven in the industry. Below are some of the top reasons why you should only hire proven SEO experts for marketing services.

Allow you to concentrate on your other business tasks

With proven SEO experts, you will be able to focus on other profitable business tasks. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have professionals taking full responsibility of your business SEO needs. Therefore, you will have clear mind as you work on other business tasks knowing that your SEO needs are in the right hands. In addition to this, you also save time in your business.

Make smart decisions

Proven SEO professionals have the right skills and knowledge to make smart decisions for your business. You can be assured that they will apply the right tactics that will help your site gain more visibility and top ranking. Most of them have worked with different businesses in the different niches, so they have the ability to handle your unique SEO needs and situations in an effective manner.

Get the best results

When you work with proven SEO experts, you can be assured of getting highly satisfactory results. They have the ability to evaluate your site, goals and your competitors. This allows them to create a well detailed plan to boost your site visibility in the major search engines. The experts also track how your website is progressing and make the right adjustments to ensure that your business is moving in the right direction to achieve the set goals within the shortest time possible.

Help enhance your brand reputation

Enhanced brand awareness is a great bonus you get when you work with SEO experts with a proven record. They will apply the right strategies that will help your site improve in its ranking. As your website moves up in the rankings, its exposure grows. This is beneficial because most web visitors develop confidence and trust with businesses that are ranked at the top of major search results. In the long end, your business will attain good reputation that will allow it develop a strong customer base.

Apply the recommended SEO techniques

Proven SEO experts will not apply short cuts in order to help your website gain the required traffic or top rankings. They will only apply the white hat SEO strategies that will ensure that your site is not penalized by Google. It is also worth noting that application of the wrong strategies might make your website be banned. With the experts your website will attain top rankings by use of the permitted tactics that will also boost its credibility.

Bottom line

When selecting the SEO experts, take your time to check their experience and reputation they have in the field. This helps determine if they are proven and will offer you the desired results.

When and How to Temporarily Change your Address

Are you about to relocate from your present address for a duration shorter than six months? If so, you might find yourself in a dilemma as far as your mail is concerned. For most individuals, the above situation is a typical, ‘caught between a hard rock and a rough surface.’ Do they just let the mail stay uncollected for the duration, or do they apply for a new address at their present location?

The above is an unenviable dilemma, but worry not for there is a workaround. Most postal services today, USPS included, provide for a temporary change in address. Accordingly, you can alert the postal service or address change service like of your new location, and you will receive your mail promptly for the duration of your stay.

The process of obtaining a Temporary Address

You will only need to file a request with your postal service to initiate the process of getting a temporary address. With your application, you will have to indicate your present address and the forwarding address and the duration of your stay. For such an address, however, the duration has a time limit beyond which you should seek an extension. Normally, you can file this request online, but in case of any hitches, your local post office will be able to assist.

How to Tackle Unknown Return Dates
So you are about to move, but you don’t know when you will return with certainly. Do you guess a date? By all mean, please do. However, it should be an intelligent guess, which will provide the best tentative date for your convenience. Should the tentative date change, ensure you notify your mail service early enough too.

How to Tackle Moving to Multiple Locations
So, your work schedule constantly has you on the move, with one month here, two or three months elsewhere kind of thing. You don’t need to worry either, for your busy schedule is catered for too. Simply file a different temporary address change with every move, and you will be OK. As you can submit this request over the internet, there’s virtually no location you cannot change your temporary mailing address from.

The Time Limit on a Temporary ADDRESS
As with most other situations, temporary can only last for so long until it is considered permanent. With a temporary address, you can only apply for one if your stay will last six months or less. There is an option, though, of extending the duration of your temporary address should your temporary move drag on for longer than you anticipate. In such a circumstance, you can extend your stay for an additional six months. If you expect your move to last more than 365 days though, be advised to apply for a permanent change of address to your new location instead as it will be more convenient.

So there you have it; an efficient way to keep up with your mail even while on the move. You need not suffer from being ‘in the dark’ as far as your mail is concerned as you can obtain a temporary change of address easily enough. Next time you need to move locations temporarily, be sure to do so.

Importance of proper maintenance for HVAC-R systems

HVAC-R systems are essential to help keep your home comfortable during different seasons. Given that you never get to see your systems very often, there are chances you might forget about it and even neglect it. Neglecting your system will most likely come to haunt because it will break down when you need it the most. Proper maintenance of your system is essential to ensure that your HVAC-R systems work efficiently throughout. Discussed below is the importance of proper maintenance for HVAC-R systems, learn more at

1. Few repairs

HVAC-R systems that have been properly maintained require very few repairs. With a well-maintained system, you will rarely notice odd sounds and odor. Systems that have not been well-taken care off usually fail and require repairs every time. This happens especially in the months of hard use.

2. Lower bills

With time equipment lose their ability to heat or cool your home while at the same time consuming less electricity. This is because they usually become less efficient with use. Proper maintenance of HVAC-R systems ensures that they run efficiently. An efficient instrument utilizes less electricity while offering your house proper insulation. This, therefore, saves you a lot of money that would have been spent on electricity. Also, you spent less money on repairs since well-maintained systems rarely break down.

3. Longer life of the system

Systems like furnaces and air conditioners require regular servicing and cleaning to function optimally. If left without maintenance they can easily break down. Maintenance enables you to discover small faults and repair them. If these faults are not detected early, the systems usually fail hence they have a shorter lifespan. Equipment that is well-maintained usually have a longer life, some could even last up to 10 years.

4. Healthy living

As you continue using your HVAC-R systems the filters and coil get old. Old filters lose their ability to filter air and so they produce low-quality air. A well-maintained system, on the other hand, has clean filters which produce quality air while at the same time ensuring they keep your house cool or warm.

Also, systems that are not well-maintained become breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. These molds and bacteria pose a health risk to your family. They could cause respiratory complications and other diseases.

5. Safety of the equipment

Electric HVAC-R systems if not well maintained can be very risky since they can easily short circuit. If this is not well taken care of, it could result to fire that can lead to the destruction of property and loss of lives.

In addition, some equipment like a furnace if they are not well maintained can develop cracks that leak poisonous gases. These gases are also flammable and can cause a fire.

6. Reduce chances of catastrophic equipment failure

Some equipment breakdown when you least expect. This can a time when you really need this equipment to be at their best. For example, your HVAR-C system breaking down on a cold winter night. This can be incredibly uncomfortable. Proper maintenance ensures you have incident-free heating and cooling by reducing the chances of your equipment breaking down.

There are many patent reasons why proper maintenance for HVAC-R system is essential. Regular checks followed by repair of all the faults detected will ensure these systems work at their best. This will give a homeowner peace of mind since there will be no worries of failing. It will also cut on costs needed to repair big damages.

Professional Lawn Care Services

Professional garden and lawn care benefits in Australia have sought after. With occupied work routines, a few people who have expansive, sprawling gardens discover practically zero time for gardening or keeping up the lawns. Other people who may love the interest of a beautifully kept garden may not be honored with a green thumb. This is the place professional lawn care guys come in:

Keeping up a Lawn and Garden to Perfection

Making a beautiful, sound and keeping up it requires up to a considerable measure of investment and vitality. If you are anticipating doing it without anyone else’s help, there are a few issues to consider. You should have a decent learning of plants and planting methods, pruning, preparing and different parts of keeping up an
impeccable lawn and garden. Additionally, you would need to put resources into the correct kind of instruments and gear required for upkeep. But the single, most essential viewpoint is the measure of time you can focus on the well-being and maintenance of your garden and lawn.

A garden, however little, requires standard upkeep to keep it looking great. Lawn cutting, trimming, pruning and weed control are repeating tasks that should be finished under specific circumstances. Once more, these employments take up time and require exertion on your part. Frequently, gardening may appear like an endless fight to avoid weeds and irritations.

If you’re one of those individuals who might want to see a very much manicured garden all the year round but experiences these constraints, you can contract professional garden and lawn care administrations to take care of business.

Settling on the Decision

The choice to procure professional garden and lawn care administrations rely upon how imperative your garden is to you and the outcomes you can accomplish doing things yourself. Contracting professional care administrations might be certainly justified regardless of the cost if it will give you more opportunity to go through with your family and for other more vital responsibilities.

Professional garden and lawn care benefits in Australia have specialists with the great learning of gardening methods and systems which is essential to take great care of your yard. Considering these advantages and measuring it against the monetary cost of contracting professional Lawn Care Services and care
administrations should enable you to settle on your choice.

Lawn or garden in premises gives an inclination that nature encompasses you. The assorted variety of plants, vivid blooms, and beautifully molded trees are things that make an intriguing situation to stay and invest save energy. Lawn care and support are required to save its magnificence. If you are an occupant of Chatham, MA and searching for professional and talented administrations in regards to Chatham lawn care, at that point, you can connect with different organizations working from Cape Cod.

There are many issues looked by property holders. Some common issues alongside their answers are said beneath:

Disintegrating Slope

A disintegrating incline is a significant issue with regards to the Iawn’s appearance.

Arrangement: A dry river bed will control disintegration, and you can utilize rocks of different sizes set up to expand water conveying capacities. Besides, you can go for stone holding dividers or clocks to straighten the grade for slower waste. Utilize shallow trees, bushes or ground spreads to anticipate water overflow. Utilization of plastic, straw as shallow-established trees alone can’t control disintegration for more extended circumstances.

There are a few professional and lawn care benefits in that can help you with the upkeep of your garden.

4 types of garage doors for your home

Are you looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? Garage doors are some of the most important projects for homeowners today. A recent report by the National Association of Realtors found that 9 out of ten homeowners who remodeled their garage door recovered their investment when selling the property.

A front-facing garage door can take up almost 20% of a home’s facade; which means that an old, worn-out garage door can be a huge stumbling block when trying to sell a house. If your garage is at the front and center of your house, then it makes sense to invest in the most appealing style and design with an established company like Parker Garage Doors & More – Lake Havasu City. So what are the types of garage doors that most people like?

Types of garage doors

There are four distinct types of garage doors and each type is identified by the manner in which the door opens. A garage door may swing up, swing out, slide to one side, or roll up. Homeowners use a variety of building styles to put up the doors -such as the sectional door, which is the most common in the US. A sectional door is assembled using a number of horizontal panels that are hinged together and operated by rollers.

In general, these are the most common styles:

i. Sectional roll-up door: this is by far the most common style and has been shown to complement a wide range of home designs. Sectional doors are available in different shapes and colors, and may include windows.

ii. Swing-out carriage doors: these are designed to function like a pair of large French doors. Most styles are made from wood and have distinct vertical lines which help to blend the door with the home’s front facade. Swing doors help to conserve energy as they close more tightly compared to roll-out doors; however they require more clearance when opening.

Materials for building garage door

Wood is a common material and it tends to be cheaper and lightweight. Plywood or light wooden frames may be used for lighter doors, but other types of wood doors (such as cedar, redwood, or mahogany) are available. These types of doors are not very durable.

Steel doors are more durable and involve little-to-no maintenance. Steel is a good choice if you want a tough garage door without spending too much money on the project. Keep in mind that bare steel succumbs to the elements, so you may need to patch up any dents and scratches promptly to prevent rusting.

Aluminum is a fairly common material for garage doors; however the most recent versions are designed with heavy-duty frames and laminated panels that are also dent-resistant. These types of doors cost upward of $10,000 but they are durable and may come in grander designs.

How to choose the right style

It is recommended that you pick a style that blends with your house. For example, if you own a bungalow then a swing-out door might be the best option. You can find manufacturers that know how to mimic roll-up doors so they look like old swing doors, complete with elegant handles, faux strap hinges and traditional or contemporary detailing.

How to get a cash offer for your house

If you are attempting to offer your home in these problematic land times, at that point, you should need to consider these home selling tips. We are at present in a purchaser’s market, and they have the high ground when they need to purchase a house. With such a large number of individuals endeavoring to offer their home you require an upper hand. Take after these tips, and you could very well provide your home speedier and for a money offer.

Market your home in the highest number of free places as you can. There are numerous free land posting sites, and most will give you a chance to post a depiction of your home and maybe a couple of pictures for nothing. A considerable lot of the locales offer overhaul postings, but you needn’t bother with this if you just go with

Outstanding amongst other free land posting destinations is They enable you to list your property with four pictures. Ensure you make a fantastic depiction and incorporate four excellent photographs of your home If you choose to utilize a land operator to offer your home ensure they have numerous sites you can list your home with for nothing.

Since you will list your home on the web, you need to ensure you’re finishing an outside looks fantastic. The vast majority appear for a home on the web first and afterward choose to drive by. You should have a magnificent home outside so you can create enthusiasm from the internet.

Value your home efficiently with the goal that you get more pedestrian activity. The vast majority value their home too high and like this don’t get much activity. It is best to get an accurate home examination before posting your home and after that value, your home marginally not as much as the evaluation.

If you aren’t in a predicament, you can just disregard a lowball offer, or influence a reasonable counter-offer to see to if the prospects are truly inspired by your home or just genuinely keen on an arrangement.

You ought to unquestionably request that your real estate broker demonstrate to you a few comparables; properties in your general vicinity of comparative size, condition and age as yours that have as of late sold with the goal that you can decide if the value YOU had as a primary concern is a reasonable one. If your home sits available for quite a while due to wrong evaluating, it might wind up costing you more than if you’d estimated it efficiently to begin. Valuing land is part artistry and part science; your real estate broker is honed at it – hear him out or her!

The perfect circumstance is to offer your home in a hot land advertise, where numerous offers and offering wars can drive the cost of your home past what you are requesting. If you are in this lucky position and get various offers on your home, your real estate agent may prompt you that the best prospect isn’t the highest offer. The other purchaser who connects a group of conditions to the deal.

Selling your first house is confused and quite often upsetting, but with the assistance and direction of an accomplished real estate agent you can arrange the offers on your home and finish the exchange – your first land deal!