Are you tired of the limited space in your kitchen, or an uninspiring design? There are ways to improve function and design in your kitchen without spending thousands of dollars on a full overhaul. We’ve outlined several expert tips to help you get more bang for your buck in your next remodeling project. Before you visit a showroom or meet with a design expert, read through our expert advice on how to go about kitchen remodeling.

1. Improve the lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in designing a perfect kitchen. Some homeowners prefer to use recessed lighting, but you also have the option of attaching surface-mount fixtures to your walls or ceiling. When the light bulb is placed below the ceiling height, it lights up the kitchen more evenly than the usual recessed lights.

When using larger light fixtures, you can also hang them on the kitchen island as a decorative feature. Remember, cabinets sometimes block light from reaching your counter-tops – so you may have to invest in under-cabinet lighting.

2. The stove plays a role in defining the overall design of your kitchen.

As one of the most visible appliances, it says a lot about how much attention you place to your kitchen. If you’re going to remodel any part of your kitchen, make sure your stove is new and upgraded as well. You can get stoves in a variety of styles and color; plus a hood that will complement your range and improve ventilation.

3. Get the right cabinets

Although people don’t always pay attention to cabinets, they offer a great opportunity for homeowners to inject some of their own personality into the design. For instance, if you prefer to have your dishes on an open shelf, then it would make sense to forgo cabinet doors.
With an open cabinet, you can also transform the look and feel of your kitchen, allowing more space and air to come in. Remember to include an exhausting range, so the kitchen stays ventilated throughout.

4. Measure the counter-tops

For maximum maneuverability, keep the counter-tops at 25 inches maximum; this way, any dripping sauce won’t fall onto your cabinets. Counter-tops are an essential part of your kitchen, and as such, they should be made to express your style. Corian is a good material for solid surfacing, and it is easy to repair – plus, it has the benefit of preventing any leftover food from being stuck in the seams.

5. Don’t forget the flooring

The best flooring is one that is designed for comfort and durability. However, stone or Italian porcelain might be the best option for durability but it’s not necessarily the most comfortable. For instance, a cook who stands for hours in the kitchen might be more comfortable with wood or ipocork. But whatever your choice, make sure its what you want to see in your kitchen every morning.