Bicycles are not only used during the day, you also need them at night. Being seen is one of the major key of safety on the road especially when you are using a bicycle. One of the major features that can make a bicycle complete during the night are the lights. The lights should be just enough not too dim nor not too bright such that it blinds other people. Always choose the type of light that can fit your purpose. Some of the factors you should consider when choosing the bicycle lights are:

1. The lights should be bright just enough- Lights with more Iumens and concentrated beams is just enough for a dark road. More Iumens show that the light being emitted is visible and its a good sight that the light is bright. 300- 500 lumens is a good range for cycling in the city while 1000 lumens is good for cycling in a dark road with no people.

2. The right type of light- The front light should have a high output of light this is because they warn the drivers coming towards you and also make you visible on the road and at the back you can have the red light also known as the rear light which helps you to be visible from behind.

3. How long does the lights hold the charge and also the battery life- I am sure you do not want to buy lights that drain the charge so fast. They all differ from the manufacturing companies. The battery life also depends with the LED used. Always choose a higher battery life because it serves you more. It is also good to note if there are spare batteries which are mostly given this days. It is necessary because it serves you adequately and always carry it because you are never too sure when the other battery will drain its charge.

4.Power Source of the battery- In the olden days the batteries were disposable but this days they come inbuilt in the lights which are rechargeable. They also indicate the amount of charge remaining so that they do not inconvenience you. The batteries can be charged and re used again and again. When choosing you should consider the rechargeable ones.

5. Mounting of the lights- After getting the lights installation also matters not only installing but also installing them on the right place. Remember to install them where they can not be distracted if you are carrying something else like your bag. The rear lights should always be behind but you can put them on a bag pack that you are carrying or your seat post.The front lights or the head lamps can be placed on your cycling helmet or the handlebars.

Good lighting for a cyclist is very important and the above factors should help you choose the best lights for your bicycle because its one of the major necessities of a bicycle. It also helps to avoid accidents and there is no better way to be visible on the road than having a good bicycle light.