Though air plant and succulents have much more in common, succulents are mostly preferred as wedding flowers. This is because they are asymmetrical in size, form, and appearance, these plants bring something different for the flower arrangement of the wedding. Unique, unusual and very interesting, succulents are often a real conversation piece with your guests and also create the best wedding parties. Sometimes you may ask Should you get air plants or succulents? The reasons below are why you should get succulents instead of the air plant.

Slightly unconventional and somewhat unpredictable, when used with traditional wedding flowers, succulents is probably best described as an excellent all-rounder, which prints a fine and soft look for the floral arrangement of your wedding.

In some ways, people who have tampered with flowers of marriage, have real tendencies for innocent entry into these plants, but it has a very effective effect on the appearance of the flower arrangement of your wedding.

In the case of careful design and creative floral construction, succulents come in its own way, to add bulk and texture and to increase and enhance the flowering of flowers, especially to increase and enhance the focal wedding flower of choice. Sometimes described as fatty plants, succulents simply adds huge value to the wedding flower design and don’t require expensive¬†orchid food.

Apart from the incredible fact that the current global wedding flower trend is seeing an increase in the use of these plants and the emerging bride will consider using succulents for a reason or combination of reasons for serious reasons:

To contribute more greenery to the overall holistic wedding theme, an approach that is especially effective with bright colorful wedding flowers. For deliberately adding additional bulk, texture, and quantity for floral designs, and to reduce the total cost of its wedding floral arrangements.

To strive for the unique form of your floral designs by using succulents available in a diverse range of different sizes and sizes. Using indigenous plants representing local vegetation. To take advantage of the maximum benefit of a better shelf life these dry-resistant plants offer fresh cuts compared to flowers. These plants are much stronger than their cut flowers and are tolerant of unfavorable external conditions, which usually cause fresh cut flowers to die before the time of wilt or completely.

These plants are very effective when used in vintage and rustic wedding environments, especially when the pot is done. They can be set already in the bride’s bouquet, immediately before the wedding with flowers and primary flowers.

To use this arrangement to take home with guests, a gift which acts as a permanent reminder for marriage is emphasized by the fact that many of these plants can be successfully replicated. To take advantage of a large and comprehensive variety selection.

When designing the last wedding flowers, involving the growing global trend to include succulents with wedding flowers. These plants add a definite bizarre plot to your floral decorations that make one thing for your guests to do.

If you like a strategy that is different for the standard and does not require conventional marriage protocol, then you will love succulents, when the bride decides on her wedding flowers after the bride, the bride can not say an obesity, fat plant.