Daily house cleaning does not just include dusting, window cleaning, and floor mopping. You also have to clean the bathroom regularly and clean the toilet.

Dirt starts to smell over time
Yes, cleaning can actually be fun. Most of the time, however, the pleasure passes when it comes to cleaning the toilet. There are certain places in the toilet that are difficult to clean because you just can not get there. The toilet rim is such a place. More precisely: the inside of the edge. So there, where are the water holes? At this point, accumulates over time, much dirt, which not only can be very difficult to remove but also begins to smell over time. Hence the need forĀ house cleaning Brisbane North to do a professional job.

Scrub the toilet
There are really numerous expensive remedies that serve toilet cleaners. Everyone promises that you can remove all the dirt with them. But this usually does not work if you do not even lend a hand and clean the toilet afterward. The funds remain namely usually not so long in the places liable to remain where they should act. If you want to relieve this annoying and unpleasant work a little, you should use some means that make cleaning the toilet child’s play.

Tip 1: Coke
Cola remainders are very good as a toilet cleaner. Just pour the leftovers into the toilet. Then let it work for about half an hour. Then you just need to rinse and perhaps brush a little bit.

Tip 2: Denture cleaner
You can also throw a pill from a denture cleaner into the toilet bowl. Leave them on and rinse afterward.

Tip 3: Borax lemons paste
Persistent residues can be removed with a borax lemon paste. For the paste, just mix some borax with lemon juice until you have a mush. Apply this to the residues. Then leave the borax-lemon paste to work for about two hours. After this time you should use the toilet brush again to work the toilet bowl. If you rinse now, your toilet will shine again in new splendor.

Tip 4: vinegar or citric acid
Lime deposits are unfortunately not uncommon in the toilet. You can remove this lime by pouring some vinegar, vinegar essence or citric acid into the toilet.

Tip 5: baking soda or soda
Brown edges disappear when you sprinkle some baking soda or soda over these spots. Leave the powder to work for a while, then rinse.

Tip 6: Detergent
The ideal means of cleaning the toilet is detergent. Just in the evening pour half a cup of white laundry detergent into the toilet and in the morning everything is clean again. The surfactants contained in the detergent cause deposits and dirt particles to dissolve. Also included are water softeners. Thanks to them also lime and urine stone are successfully removed.

Tip 7: Mild soapy water
The toilet lid and the toilet seat should be wiped with a mild soapy solution and a soft cloth.

Tip 8: A curved brush
If you regularly clean the toilet, then it does a curved brush. For this purpose, a brush is made of wire, whose stem can be bent well. Cleaner on it and let’s go.
Do not push the toilet paper in too tightly, otherwise, you may have difficulty removing it.

Tip 9: Toilet paper
If you only sporadically clean under the toilet, then you should insert toilet paper and clean it with a cleaner. There, the paper can then stay for several hours and the cleaning agent act before you remove it again.

Tip 10: Two separate rags and sponges
When cleaning the toilet, you should always use two separate cloths or sponges. The sponge is there for cleaning the toilet interior area and the cloth for cleaning the toilet seat and the toilet lid. Only by cleaning your toilet in this way can you achieve a truly hygienic result.

With the right tricks, it’s actually not that difficult to clean the toilet. If you want to prevent the cleaning of the toilet becoming a torture, then you should make every effort to clean the toilet every day.