Are you about to relocate from your present address for a duration shorter than six months? If so, you might find yourself in a dilemma as far as your mail is concerned. For most individuals, the above situation is a typical, ‘caught between a hard rock and a rough surface.’ Do they just let the mail stay uncollected for the duration, or do they apply for a new address at their present location?

The above is an unenviable dilemma, but worry not for there is a workaround. Most postal services today, USPS included, provide for a temporary change in address. Accordingly, you can alert the postal service or address change service like of your new location, and you will receive your mail promptly for the duration of your stay.

The process of obtaining a Temporary Address

You will only need to file a request with your postal service to initiate the process of getting a temporary address. With your application, you will have to indicate your present address and the forwarding address and the duration of your stay. For such an address, however, the duration has a time limit beyond which you should seek an extension. Normally, you can file this request online, but in case of any hitches, your local post office will be able to assist.

How to Tackle Unknown Return Dates
So you are about to move, but you don’t know when you will return with certainly. Do you guess a date? By all mean, please do. However, it should be an intelligent guess, which will provide the best tentative date for your convenience. Should the tentative date change, ensure you notify your mail service early enough too.

How to Tackle Moving to Multiple Locations
So, your work schedule constantly has you on the move, with one month here, two or three months elsewhere kind of thing. You don’t need to worry either, for your busy schedule is catered for too. Simply file a different temporary address change with every move, and you will be OK. As you can submit this request over the internet, there’s virtually no location you cannot change your temporary mailing address from.

The Time Limit on a Temporary ADDRESS
As with most other situations, temporary can only last for so long until it is considered permanent. With a temporary address, you can only apply for one if your stay will last six months or less. There is an option, though, of extending the duration of your temporary address should your temporary move drag on for longer than you anticipate. In such a circumstance, you can extend your stay for an additional six months. If you expect your move to last more than 365 days though, be advised to apply for a permanent change of address to your new location instead as it will be more convenient.

So there you have it; an efficient way to keep up with your mail even while on the move. You need not suffer from being ‘in the dark’ as far as your mail is concerned as you can obtain a temporary change of address easily enough. Next time you need to move locations temporarily, be sure to do so.